What we do

We offer a range of investment and asset management services for organisations wishing to invest in the Australian agriculture sector. Our expertise is forged from a rare combination of extensive high-value investment expertise and hands-on farm management experience.

We provide expertise and advice to local and international investors on the Australian agribusiness market and the specific areas of investment best suited to their portfolio.

We match high net worth investors with high-performing Australian agribusinesses.

We establish the most appropriate business model to facilitate success for both investors and agribusinesses.

We align expectations, deliverables and outcomes between investors and agribusinesses to ensure a longstanding, mutually beneficial alliance.

We provide comprehensive asset management services, working closely with agribusinesses to ensure the optimal performance of their asset and producing timely, reliable and relevant reporting to the investor.

We manage the corporate governance and compliance responsibilities of the investment to minimise risk and maximise potential, and ensure investors can make decisions with confidence.

We undertake extensive due diligence to assure investors they are fully informed.

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